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Trial of Darkness (A Lecture)
Trial Of Darkness
-A Lecture From my Journal at TOTJO
Have any of you ever looked upon the dark side, within and without? Not just the dark side, mind you, but the unquestioning, evil thoughts that seep into the back of your mind? We've all been there, don't attempt to delude yourself otherwise. Temptation and impulsion rise up every now and again. You'll see them coming sometimes, and at others, they'll catch you off-guard.
In the Monomyth, the hero faces the Road of Trials, a "series of tests, tasks or ordeals that the person must take to begin the transformation", as well as Temptation. So too do we all in life. And our trials greatly vary, depending on who we are, or where we are.
Has your conviction ever been tested so? Have you ever looked upon the dark side and felt its embrace? Been tempted? Heard the whispers and liked their promises? In this sense, the dark is the cold. It's the creeping frost that you don't feel until it's too late. It's the sudden change in temperature we c
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Lady Hexenhammer (prologue)

It wasn't every weekend I was invited to a sleepover party. I was a new girl at school and had been invited to Zoey's house for her thirteenth birthday sleepover party. It was on a Saturday night, the thirtieth of April. A night to remember...
"Your turn, your turn!" The girls around me giggled. I blushed.
         "Truth." I said, foolishly. I wasn't sure what to do. All eyes were on me as Zoey pondered her question. I was worried about what she'd asked, but I'd asked for truth.
         "Who... do you like at school?" Each word got dragged out, prolonging my shame. I blushed harder now. It was a bright red. I'm not sure why I was embarrassed.
         "Nobody." I told them, not even sure if it was true. I was thirteen and wasn't even sure who I liked.
         "Liar!" One of the girls waggled a playful, yet accusatory finger. "I've seen you looking at Micky in math!"
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Mature content
Heretic Order of Sacred Blood :iconwillkaede:WillKaede 5 2
2069: First Contact page 5-7
"You got his name becau-" General Russell was interrupted mid-sentence yet again.
"The Newhome Bound is beginning it's entry phase, where it gets lowered down into the acceleration tube that will aid in initial blast-off and propulsion, shooting it out into space." The announcer spoke again. "The final stages will be spoken by Alliance Chancellor Ellen Connors."
"People of the Alliance, I give to you, the Newhome Bound, that will, within minutes, say its final goodbye to this glorious blue globe of ours. I salute each and every one of you aboard that ship, heroes of humanity; the first of many of us who will spread among the universe!" The Chancellor cried out, her proud voice blaring through the speakers. "The Newhome Bound is being lowered into the ready-position inside the acceleration tube, ready for the high-precision process that will launch it out of our atmosphere like a slug from a rail-gun."
Talon and General Russell smiled at the com
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2069: First Contact page 3-4
"A lot of it is classified, sir... but I can tell you some things about the launch system." Talon felt sheepish now.
"Ah, is it true that the Newhome Bound is using a completely new launch system?" Asked a bespectacled man in a suit, who Talon instantly identified as a politician. "You must tell us about it!"
"Yes it is." Talon waited a moment for the many other people in the room to pay attention to him. "The Newhome Bound is not launching from that exact position. Rather, it is going to be lowered deep down until much, if not all of the ship is underground. Utilising seismic force and the power of the atomic combustion engines, the Newhome Bound will be shot out of the underground tunnel much like a bullet from a high powered rifle."
"Amazing engineering. How fast does it go?" The same man asked.
"It will easily achieve double the minimum escape velocity. Escaping our world's atmosphere requires speeds of just over eleven kilometres per second. The Newhome Bou
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2069: First Contact
"I was there that day, that morning where the light shone red through the clouds in the sky. That fateful morning, when the symbol of our dreams and of humanity's future was lost, fallen to the revelation and realisation of our most hopeful question; our nightmare come to life. I saw first-hand the horror unleashed when death rained from the sky and destroyed the Newhome Bound. I was one of the few survivors who was able to answer the questions asked by the emergency crews. 'What happened', they'd ask me, their own panic overcoming their intended tone of voice. I looked up at my rescuer, my eyes still wide open, and I'd answer, the horrible reality of the truth evident in my words and the fear that would engulf their expression when I uttered: 'First Contact.'"
-The Progressive Journal of the First Contact War
A man stood, the sun at his back as he stared up into the sky, littered with clouds. He regarded his view mournfully; sighing as he looked up and down, examining ea
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We Are All Of Me
I find myself to be difficult to single out. While I dress in a somewhat-gothic style, I listen to old rock and power metal. I love to play games and also enjoy being outside with people. I adore reading and writing but at times want to just sit down and watch a movie. I love sci-fi but my heart has, and will, always belong to fantasy. I tend to be a good person but I am not shy about my myriad hatreds. I'm not big on guns but gunslingers are my favourite characters.
I enjoy the concept of casual sex and being single but at heart I'm a romantic who's looking for the woman to spend the rest of my days with. I hate being judged at a glance but yet do it myself at times. I am a caring listener who's always there for people, but at times I won't shut up and won't give a damn. I play World of Warcraft but also have a social life, friends and plenty of other interests.
I am a pacifist who would revel in the heat of battle and awaits revolution. I have a somewhat chaotic nature that shuns bei
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Mature content
Days of the Plague ch3 42-43 :iconwillkaede:WillKaede 0 9
Mature content
O-Hour, Z-Day -Delta Ch2 :iconwillkaede:WillKaede 1 3
The Few, The Proud, The Fallen
June sixth, 2010. That day was the day that changed our lives forever. On that day, under the noon sun, ley-lines converged and forged a hell-gate atop Capital Tower; the tallest structure in the city.
Out of the fiery rift, demons of all shape and size flocked forth, like businessmen from a crowded train. Within hours, they'd overrun the city, and the pickets of resistance were overwhelmed not all too long after. And nobody managed to escape the city; the flier demons had the outskirts covered in moments.
And then, salvation arrived to bring light to our darkness, riding down from the skies like expert surfers; angels. The detachment of Heaven's fighters quickly erected the Shield, a magical dome that surrounded the city. Nothing, live or dead, could get in or out.
In a city of millions, less than a thousand survived the demonic onslaught. The few tenacious, or lucky souls who still lived were trapped in the city as the battle between the devils and the angels raged onward.
But eve
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-Will Kaede- Bid to Rise 38-40
Three Weeks Later...
"Pass the chips." Said Will, his voice slightly slurred due to the straw in his mouth. Zeke passed Will a rather large bowl full of orange nachos. He took a rather large mouthful. "Danke."
The two were sitting on a soft blue couch, in a rather bare living room, watching a wide-screen television. It was a house they were renting using the money Will had been given by Dark Kaede; a fact that still irked Will, causing him to spend much time in thought and confusion.
For the first time in two years; Will was relaxing, in a house, with his friend, watching a movie. In the first week he'd had some objections to using Dark's money and was unable to relax; the lack of activity in his life had given him much more time to think, and reflect on his past year. He had eventually become able to get caught up in the euphoria of normality as he and Zeke set about tue arduous task of catching up on two years of lost time.
"Do you... still remember everyone's instant messenger user
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The Orb
" </i>The orb... the luminescent sphere of beauty that I now hold in my grasp... it illuminates the darkness around me; the light reflects off my scarlet clothing and I cannot help but be drawn to stare into its depths.
I had come a long way for the orb, compelled to find it, driven by a power beyond my reckoning to travel over mountains and seas, imbued with a longing; to seek the orb and feel its weight in the palm of my hand.
And now, I have it. At first, it was light. The orb was lifted as easily as one would lift a leaf, but it weighs heavily upon my hand, and even moreso on my very soul.
I had spent so long in search of the orb, I am now lost... I know not of what to do with the orb, and have surrendered everything but my own life in search of it. I had cast away so much, and suffered even more as I toiled away my years in this desperate endeavour.
And now, the quest was over; in my hands lay the prize that I had been driven toward so fiercely. All that I was had been shed away b
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-Will Kaede- Bid to Rise 35-37
One Week Later
"We need to talk." A calm ethereal voice echoed throughout the white plain that Letemvis called his home. The Death Force materialized in his brown robes and turned to face a silver-haired young woman in a white dress.
"Vitalia. I might have known." Letemvis said lightly, suppressing the growl forming in the back of his throat.
"You should have." Vitalia's voice was similar to Letemvis', as  was inhuman and powerful. But it was lighter, more melodic, as one would expect an angel's to be. "You should have consulted me before loosing another monster upon mankind."
Letemvis turned to glare at her, not cringing as he saw that she too, was glaring at him; a fiery anger in her eyes. She took a step forward, and her calm expression turned into one of disgust.
"William Kaede is a mere human. Although if you had been paying attention, you would know that he has changed for the better. He won't be killing any more of your precious humans, Vitalia." Letemvis sighed wearil
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-Will Kaede- Bid to Rise 32-34
The Next Day...
It was early morning, and William Kaede hadn't slept. Ezekiel Zero had fallen asleep an hour before dawn. He paced about the warehouse, trying to collect his thoughts and compose a plan. He knew he couldn't just live in the warehouse with Zeke until Letemvis called again; the two would need a real home, and a life. He balled his fists, struggling to think of a way to find money, or a house.
"What the hell can I do?!" He yelled, his voice wreathed with anger and power. He slammed his fist against the wall, instantly regretting his outburst as pain shot through his hand and arm.
He felt his connection to the vault of souls strengthening, and the power coursed through him in his anger. He knew this feeling; the desire to kill, the urge to abuse his abilities and let loose the power that welled within.
He fell to his knees, breathing heavily as the blood rage surged inside him. Will suppressed his malice, thinking of the people he had loved as a human; the people who he bel
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Mature content
Days of the Plague Ch3 40-41 :iconwillkaede:WillKaede 0 14
Mature content
O-Hour, Z-Day -Delta Ch1 :iconwillkaede:WillKaede 3 8


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WillKaede's Profile Picture
Michael Kaede
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm Michael, on-again, off-again writer. For a long time, writing was me escaping reality for awhile. Dive into a fantasy world, create characters I could pour my soul into. Now I'm trying to get back into it, without the drama... let the trials begin.

Current Residence: Western Australia
Favourite genre of music: Power metal, progressive metal
Sick and tired of not writing anymore. So I'm resolving to change that. So... I want to talk about some things, maybe use you all as a passive group to bounce ideas off of... I mean, who reads this anyway? 

I'm here in the Pilbara these days, working over the hills and far away. It's the outback as far as anyone is concerned. In a small camp, an hour's drive from the nearest population, except for the scattered camps in the countryside. It has free internet, free calls to home phones, and a killer view of... a whole lot of nothing much at all.

So I'm throwing ideas around... What I'm really considering doing is a quick exercise in a short story or some such based in a nondescript future where the Jedi Path has become a part of everyday life. I'll explore it, see where that goes...

If anyone has any ideas for something they'd like me to write, if they'd like to make a suggestion, please, do tell. I won't even charge a commission. 

Or just drop a line. I'm going to become active and it's been ages since I spoke with a lot of you. Let me know!
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